Planting seeds of change for water!

An adventure in water quality and understanding the interaction of ecosystems.

Water Rangers is recruiting classrooms and education groups to be part of Science Odyssey week this May 14 to 20. You have until May 2 to sign up!

Who is eligible?

  • This program is for classrooms or educational groups (e.g., afterschool programs, extra-curricular homeschool groups, scouts, etc.).
  • The activities are aimed at grades 6-12 (ages 11-18). You can still sign up if you’re working with younger grades, but you may need to adapt some of the materials sent for them!
  • You should have easy access to a freshwater body (e.g., pond, creek, river, lake) and be able to take your group there at least once during Science Odyssey week.
  • The materials will be available in English only.
A young girl measuring water conductivity.

What will your group do?

The students will:

  • learn about their local water bodies by testing water quality
  • help foster communities of pollinators and improve shoreline health by planting seeds appropriate to your region
  • share the water quality online where it can be consulted by everyone
  • reflect on their experience and share insights.
Children planting seeds by the water.

What will you receive?

Your classroom or group will receive:

  • a Water Rangers compact freshwater testkit that allows you to measure water and air temperature, conductivity, chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and hardness
  • packets of seeds appropriate to your location to plant by the water
  • instructions on water quality testing and planting the seeds
  • guiding questions to help students learn from and apply what they’ve learned

You’ll receive the equipment and seeds before May 14, and materials will be emailed May 10 to help you prepare! You should plan to go out with your group at least 1 day from May 14-20.

Sign up here!

Fill out the form below, to reserve your spot! Groups will be chosen on a rolling basis, so make sure to sign up early. Registration will close on Friday, April 28, or when the 20 available testkits have been distributed. If you have any questions about this program, please contact us!