River Run for World Rivers Week

On Saturday, 16 September, Water Rangers and friends dressed up as water-y creatures and ran along the river to raise awareness and funds for River Wey water monitoring, which will be based at the new ZERO Guildford! This run, on the first day of World Rivers Week, was a great way for a community to come together to celebrate the river we love.

The fundraiser is for lab space at the new ZERO Guildford (we\’re still awaiting where this will be! Watch this space) so we can test for E.coli. E.coli tests are the primary one for water safety for swimming and boating: if there\’s contamination from run-off or sewage, it\’d show up in these test results. This lab space will be run by volunteers who will help other community members process the samples and a resource for the entire catchment. Right now, accessing a lab and knowing how to collect samples is very complicated and expensive. We dream that this lab will lower barriers for anyone to test the river for E.coli and to do it for the cost of the consumables. The fundraiser has exceeded our target, and we are closer to getting a community lab space at the new ZERO Guildford! Thank you to all who contributed!

Thank you!

Special thanks to ZERO Guildford and the River Wey Trust for supporting this event. And the biggest thanks to our volunteer fundraisers! This was a spectacular event because of your dedication.