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You can buy a single E. coli test! Bring in your sample Friday morning, and results will be available Saturday by mid-day (note that sample processing only happens on Fridays at the moment).

How it works: Pick up the sample collection kit any day before Thursday evening at ZERO Guildford (186 High Street Guildford). Freeze the freezer pack overnight. Collect the sample following the directions provided and bring it into ZERO Guildford before 11 a.m. on Friday morning. We’ll publish your results on our data platform and email you with them. You can get more details about the lab here.

Method: We are using the ISO certified IDEXX Colilert 2000 MPN method for testing E. coli. This method has been used for 20 years for beach monitoring in North America and elsewhere. For samples consistently above 2400CFU/100mL, we dilute the sample with 50% mineral water to be able to read up to 4800CFU/100mL.

Special thanks: We can offer these tests at these prices thanks to the generosity of many! A special thanks to the University of Surrey for lending us the equipment, ZERO Guildford for hosting the lab space, and volunteers  for helping set up and run it each week. We are looking for lab sponsors and individual location sponsors so that we can continue to offer this service affordably for all!

Note: if this is your first time collecting samples, please allow a few extra days between your purchase and sampling so that we can reach out to ask you any questions.

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