Salinity meter

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Wondering how salty a body of water is? Use this salinity meter to find out!  

This salinity meter is easy to use and is extremely accurate. Regular maintenance and calibration required. 

If regular calibration isn’t for you, check out our refractometer instead! 

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  • Measure salt water or salinity of water as well as water temperature. Ideal for marine monitoring.
  • Measures in parts per thousand (ppt).
  • We record ppt on our app, with 35 being the average for the ocean.
  • Range of 0-100 ppm, 10-100 ppt, with 1% FS accuracy
  • Works from -5 degrees celcius to 60 degrees celcius, with 0.5 degrees of accuracy

Quick Conversions for Salinity measurements

35 g dissolved salt / kg sea water = 35 ppt = 35 o/oo = 3.5% = 35000 ppm = 35000 mg/l

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