Tools for community water monitoring

We're a non-profit organization building tools to help local communities, governments, and academics organize water monitoring programs for your local lake, river, or ocean. We've designed easy-to-use water quality testkits, an open data platform and training resources to help your community set up your own water quality monitoring program. Originally from Canada. Now, we're in the UK!

Our tools and approach

Open and accessible data management tools

Our data system allows anyone to get started recording and sharing data. We are also committed to sharing data openly, allowing decision-makers and communities access to our information.

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Helping you and your community...

Test water quality

Our testkits are designed for anyone to use, plus they give results right away (fresh and saltwater!).

Starting your testing season

Share your data openly

Your community can collect and share water quality data. Not sure where to start? We'll show you how!

How to use our data platform

Act to protect water

What does it mean to protect waterways? Our research aims to improve tools and understand how we can help.

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How's your water quality?

Did you know? According to WWF's Watersheds Report, over 60% of Canadian subwatersheds are so data poor, we don't even know if they're healthy or not. That's where you come in. We need your help to fill data gaps! We believe that crowdsourcing water quality data through community water monitoring is a great way to help scientists fill in gaps to achieve sustainable water monitoring.

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I took a test kit along to the Toronto Island for a day on the lagoon. The kit fits easily on a paddleboard and this allows you to take water samples from places other than the shoreline. All of the instruments were easy to use, even on a moving board!

Elise Mackie, Swim Drink Fish